“Calvert is proud to honor the forward-thinking principles that have guided us for 125 years. This campaign will celebrate our tradition and reimagine our future so that we can best prepare our children for today’s ever-changing world.”

Andrew Holmgren, Head Master


Calvert School has been a beacon of excellence since 1897 with an unrivaled record of achievement. It is a leader in independent Kindergarten through Eighth Grade education, with a proud tradition of academic excellence. It is  In our classrooms, on our playing fields, and in our arts facilities, our students are immersed in an educational environment designed to educate the whole child. Our girls and boys receive a foundation for a lifetime.

Not long ago, our students walked through the doors of the Francis J. Carey ’38 Middle School for the first time. Even those charged with the thoughtful planning and careful design of the Middle School could not have imagined the incredible success of our program and the impact it would have on the Kindergarten through Eighth Grade journey. With full enrollment, the Middle School experience offers a broad and varied program for Fifth through Eighth Graders. A Calvert student can now perform in a full-scale musical, compete in a broad array of sports, and help design leadership events to present in grade-level town halls or school wide assemblies. Calvert Middle Schoolers are in this position because of the outstanding foundation in learning and mastery of reading, writing, and arithmetic provided by their Lower School teachers and the School’s commitment to making art, technology, music, and athletics a more integral part of an already strong and focused academic curriculum.  Now is the time to complete the journey of our Kindergarten through Eighth Grade transformation, cementing Calvert’s reputation as a leader in independent school education. To best serve the complex academic, athletic, and social-emotional needs of a thriving student body, Calvert’s Board is committed to raising $14,500,000 to fund four vital strategic priorities:

  • Design leadership programs that inspire and change students’ lives;

  • Build a multipurpose athletic center commensurate with the quality of the student experience;

  • Remove financial barriers to enroll highly-motivated students regardless of capacity; and

  • Grow the Calvert Fund to ensure greater economic stability, flexibility, and affordability.

Calvert is in a position of strength, making our 125th anniversary the right time to embrace and fulfill a new strategic vision.