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Indira Narayanan ’53

The fact that I can remember my favorite memory of Calvert School indicates what an impact the school had on me. It seems as if it was part of a past life as I was in the class of “53”! I am, in fact, highly qualified to judge Calvert School as I had the phenomenal experience of being in four different good schools in three different countries! The first was in India, and the others, sequentially, in Britain, the U.S., and again back in India.

I remember being the only Indian in the class and probably in the school. I remember the two years being happy with nice friends and teachers who were kind and supportive. The unique component that is indelible in my memory is the Head Master of the school, Mr. Brown, standing at the head of the short flight of the stairs at the front entrance, who greeted me with a smile and a handshake. This happened every day, and on the rare occasions he could not make it, Mr. Kirk greeted us. This may seem to be a small issue, but the manner it was done daily really made me feel that we were very special.

Many years later, I returned to the U.S. as a visiting professor to lecture at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and a few of my old classmates visited the school on a Saturday. The old courtesy was still strong. Calvert had arranged to take us around campus. I saw the placard with my name among the class of ’53. To top it all, we were taken out for lunch.

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