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We are grateful to everyone who has helped make this campaign possible, including our campaign volunteers. 

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Campaign Chairs

Wendy & Ben Griswold ’52


Honorary Campaign Chairs

Jack Luetkemeyer ’53

Nancy & Henry Hopkins ’55

Wendy Bond

Board of Trustees Division Chairs

Ward Classen ’71

Gayle Kelly

Leadership Gifts Division Chairs

Aimee & Mark Fulchino

David Powell ’87

Faculty & Staff Division Chairs

Kait Gentry ’97

Kathy Liotta ’79

Parent, Parent of Alumni, and Grandparent Division Chairs

Lauren & Arsh Mirmiran

Dawn Moore

Alumni Division Chairs

Betsey Hobelmann ’87

Luke Wilson ’97

Parent, Parent of Alumni,
and Grandparent Division 

Tea Carnell

Beth & David deVilliers

Holly Hoey

Michelle Lipkowitz

Deb Long

Ken Mangum

Nicole & Toby Mink

Dara Schnee

Amy Seto

Staff Lead: Lauren Murphy

Alumni Division 

Charlie Albert ‘72

Bonsal Brooks ’05

Katharine Castro ’98

Maisie Devine ’01

Lucy Michaels ‘61

Stasia Nardangeli ’93

Sandy Rich ‘97

Dale Waters ‘10

Annie Wu ’01

Staff Lead: Christina Taler

Board of Trustees Division 

Heidi Kenny-Berman

Courtney Otenasek

Staff Lead: Sarah Walton

Leadership Gifts Division 

Candice & Tyler & Banks

Teena Bergsma ’67

Carville Collins ‘73

Ned Insley

Jay West ’83

Staff Lead: Sarah Caldwell 

Faculty & Staff Division 

Craig Bennett

Muffy Fenwick ’87

Nancy Levine ‘07

Kevin Lloyd

Alex Sloane

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