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“In 1949, Calvert gave me a scholarship when very few schools were offering them. My mother was barely 18 when I was born and a single mom.”

Dr. Larry Stifler '53


Calvert has always been dedicated to providing lower and middle school boys and girls with the best education in Baltimore, including students whose families could not otherwise afford the Calvert experience. More than ever, securing additional financial aid dollars for our School's endowment is needed. Financial aid awards are essential to keeping Calvert accessible to the brightest children in Baltimore, regardless of means. In times of crisis, financial aid helps families who are struggling with job loss or dealing with unexpected changes to their income. Right now, within our community, we have families who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. Because of financial aid, we have been able to provide emergency assistance to help ensure that our children remain in the classroom.

Achieving our campaign goal of raising nearly $2 million for financial aid endowment would provide $80,000 in new financial aid resources every year and boost the endowment designated for financial aid to more than $5 million.  Named scholarship funds provide so many opportunities for our students. To learn more, please contact Sarah Walton, Director of Development, at or (410) 243-6054 ext. 141.

Financial Aid Statistics

  • Roughly 33% of students receive need-based financial aid.

  • Average award is 47% of tuition or around $12,200. This does not include employee tuition remission.

  • Calvert allocates $2.3 million annually to aid packages.

  • An additional $150,000 was awarded in 2020 in response to negative economic impact caused by COVID-19.

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