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Favorite Memories - Charlie Albert '72

The Calvert School class of 1972 had experienced undefeated full contact football success over three seasons. We had beaten St. James Academy, Friends School (multiple times), Boys Latin, and Gilman. Only one contest remained in our Calvert football lives representing the Black and Gold. Having bested Gilman at Calvert during our 11th Age campaign, the final and ultimate test awaited us. We were used to playing on our own relatively tiny field, but now we had to prove ourselves on a much larger, regulation-size gridiron. On top of that, the young men across the way in the Blue & Gray looked bigger than us and they had revenge on their minds. Frankly, most of us knew at least some of those Gilman guys, which of course made the final result that much more important. In the second half, Gilman had a slim lead and kicked the ball to us. Unfortunately, they tackled our kick returner on our one-inch line. The Gilman boys were convinced they had scored a safety by making the tackle in our end zone, but the referees would not change their call. Using the very old-fashioned single-wing formation with an unbalanced offensive line, we ran a short side buck play next. Gilman had stacked their defensive line with all eleven defenders hoping to score a safety. Even so, Todd Parker dashed through a small hole and ran ninety yards to their ten-yard line. It took four plays but we scored a touchdown with a pass from Dave Willis to Earl Galleher on the right side of their end zone! This gave us the lead which we never relinquished. Our undefeated record remains intact to this day.

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