“Introduce the new constantly, or the old with a new setting, and correlate with as many parts of the old as possible.”

Virgil Hillyer, Calvert’s First Head Master


Our milestone 125th anniversary, which will be celebrated throughout the 2021–2022 school year, salutes Calvert School’s legacy of educational excellence and our nationally recognized leadership in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade education. Our challenge: The world is changing. Expectations are higher; competition is more significant. To maintain its high standing among independent schools, Calvert must be bold, which is why our goals for the celebration of our 125 years will be ambitious. Calvert is poised to elevate its outstanding experience for students and faculty. 

The School looks to its next chapter, turning to the wider community of alumni, parents, parents of alumni, grandparents, and friends to ensure a sustainable future. Our endowment has grown over the years thanks to charitable gifts from generations of generous families and prudent management. These gifts have enabled Calvert to provide its students the confidence to explore and thrive; however, our needs continue to grow. With the expansion of our physical campus, an increased endowment for financial aid, and the Institute for Leadership & Purpose, Calvert will extend the strategic vision for our core elements of Academic Excellence, Program Excellence, and Financial Excellence.